In light of the current circumstance I feel it is more important than ever to connect with each other and cultivate a strong practice to nourish our whole being. These times are calling us to stop, reflect and listen deeply to our inner guidance and to focus our attention and intention on what is most important to us and the collective.


Join me for live online kundalini yoga classes to keep us grounded, centred and calm in these changing times...

Kundalini Yoga is a great way to tap into our inner resources and to strengthen our nervous, glandular and immune systems. I will be sharing some powerful Pranayama practices to strengthen our respiratory system, increase our lung capacity and boost our immune systems which I feel is particularly important at present.


A big thank you to those that have tuned in so far. It has been great connecting and practicing in this new way with you all !!!


No classes at present.

Classes to resume in new year date TBC.


Please click the link below to join the class or alternatively use the meeting ID within Zoom. 

Make sure you've got your speakers plugged in for the best sound experience!  


I look forward to seeing you!



18h30 - 20h00 (GMT)        JOIN HERE


Zoom Meeting ID:      957 489 8396

Meeting Password     2020

If you have any questions or feedback please do contact me by email or phone  megan@alifeunplugged.com

May our practice continue to grow and deepen together...


We will connect via the Zoom platform which I have used in several different contexts and have found to be effective.

 To participate you will need:

  • A computer (laptop/desktop), mobile phone or tablet

  • External speakers for best audio experience!

  • To join zoom for free here

  • Download the zoom app for all devices here

  • The zoom meeting links above in TIMES section. 

  • A warm space indoors or outdoors where you feel safe to focus  inwards (you might have to get creative if you live in a small space with other people)

  • firm cushion for sitting comfortably to meditate

  • A yoga mat, sheepskin or blanket to practice

  • A blanket to cover yourself with

  • A journal for any reflections that might come up

If you have any special needs or health concerns and have not worked with me before then please contact me before joining so that we can work mindfully around these.


These classes are offered by DONATION.

Suggested donation £3 - £10 per class.

All donations will go towards developing high quality video tutorials, audio meditations and live kundalini yoga programmes.

If finances are tight for you at present please get in touch to make a plan. These classes are intended to be accessible to all regardless of your circumstances.

Donations can be made via PayPal here

A massive thank you to all those that have contributed so far. Your donations are being most gratefully received !!!

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