Connect to your timeless self and rewrite the story hidden in your cells...


Megan started her journey with yoga in her early teens and began her training in kundalini yoga at nineteen with the Amritnam Sarouvar School in France. She has since explored many avenues of interest including tantra, integral personal development, mindfulness, self-inquiry, diet and nutrition, breath work, sound work, shadow work and more recently the worlds of gene keys, mutual awakening and plant medicines.


She has been teaching for the past 15 years along side her training and career as an architect and passion for making music.


She is multi-disciplinary in nature and is interested in the synthesis and common ground between all wisdom traditions, modalities and approaches to self actualisation and mastery.



Megan has been collecting a tool box over the years of the most effective tools for clearing our systems of accumulated past traumas, habits and behaviour patterns, experiencing our infinite self and learning the art of harnessing and running our full energy to serve the most magnificent possibility of our life that is all to often limited to our private dream world. 


She is interested in how these tools for exploring and mastering our inner world translate back into reshaping our outer world, in our relationships, in our creative expression, our work, our homes and wider community, in how we live and conduct our lives and effect the change we so desperately want to see in the different spheres of our lives.


Megan believes that a truly sustainable future humanity starts with each of us taking full responsibility for our experience, developing our capacity for subtle sensation and mastering the art of directing our energy and awareness to consciously and effectively shape our experience. 


Megan's teachings are grounded in the Kundalini Yoga Tradition and offer a unique approach to inhabiting our bodies and directly experiencing both our infinite source perspective and the mechanisms of our 'pain body' or ego structures. They offer a delightful way into exploring our multi-dimensional nature and communing with the innate intelligence of the body.