Step into your magnificence

a life unplugged

The call

This is one of the most exciting times to be alive as a human being on this beautiful planet earth.


The wave of the next human evolution is coming. In fact it is already here!


The change we so desperately wish to see in the world starts with a shift in our own hearts, in the details of how we live our daily lives and how we share ourselves with others. 

The pressure of the old ways is so strong that many of us find ourselves at breaking point and the call to a new possibility is awakening, it is the subtle call of our hearts towards more of what we love, the call to surrender to the unknowable. 

Kundalini Yoga is a beautiful system for resourcing ourselves and  reaching for our full potential in these pressurised times...

There has never been more support available to us to rise to follow that call and make the changes that support the unfolding of our most magnificent possibility. 


Will you dare to take full responsibility for your experience of life and create the life of your wildest imaginings?


Will you dare to return to wholeness, towards your own greatness and that same greatness in others? This simple movement takes courage. For so long we have been waiting for the other to make the first move.

Let us dare to answer the call of our hearts, to make the inconceivable giant leap towards unprecedented radical flow of love, dissolving the barriers between us with real, everyday baby steps.

We don't get to the next evolution, the next possibility alone. We need to help each other.

Let us come together and remember as often as we can that we are all one, altogether, one family.


The foundation of our practice is in the tools and techniques of kundalini yoga & mindfulness. We also draw inspiration from the wisdom of many other disciplines including tantra and shamanic traditions.

Our aim is to slow down, and drop below the changing currents, the ups and downs of our daily living into the depths of our being, to cultivate a connection with that part of us that is timeless, infinite, whole and connected to all of life.

To find a bit more breathing space around the holding patterns of tension, discomfort, disease and the fundamental beliefs and concerns that shape our lives.

To develop a curious and playful attention, a tender and loving awareness with which to travel the invisible worlds and enquire within.

To deepen our capacity for intuitive listening to the true wisdom inherent within our very cells.

To cultivate a deeper capacity of subtle sense perception both within and around the body, to broaden our capacity to live fully and  experience both subtle  and gross.

To move our bodies and energy to release stagnation, chronic holding patterns, to create more space within, to open and strengthen the system.


Our bodies are the gateway to setting ourselves free and becoming the person we were truly born to be!

  • Kriya Yoga (combination of pranayama, mantra and mudra)

  • Pranayama (breath work)

  • Dynamic movement

  • Deep Stretching 

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Meditation/mindfulnees

  • Contemplation

  • Visualisation

  • Sound (voice work, mantra, journeying)

  • Personal Enquiry

  • Shadow work

  • Authentic Sharing

  • Intuitive listening

  • Creative expression

  • Emergent action

  • Intuitive movement

  • Mutual awakening practice


MONDAY Evenings 1830 -2000

£60 for 8 class series or £10 drop-in

@ The Old Convent, Beeches Green, Stroud GL5 4AD



This is an opportunity to cultivate a regular practice within the bustle of your daily life. That can support your current commitments and be the solid foundation for your boundless, magnificent future.

A unique combination of dynamic and intuitive movement, deep mindfulness and relaxation.

All levels welcome!

Bring a sheepskin or yoga mat to work on, a firm meditation cushion and a blanket. Some spare mats available.

Please do contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to attend these classes on a drop-in or regular basis.




£40/£20 conc

@ The Spaceship


Upcoming dates:


These longer sessions are an opportunity to drop down and work on a deeper level to release old habit patterns and develop a stronger connection to source.

There is space for sharing, reflection and enquiry.

We close with a delicious bring and share lunch to nourish the physical body.

All levels welcome!

Bring a sheepskin or yoga mat to work on, a firm meditation cushion and a blanket. Some spare mats available.

Spaces are limited so booking is essential. We ask people to pay in advance to confirm your space.

Please contact me to book in advance: